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8mm to DVD (Film)

Why Convert 8mm to DVD?

Broken or no projector? Blown bulb? Film Jams? Just don't want the hassle of setting up your projector? Maybe you just want to preserve your valuable 8mm films so that they can be passed to the next generation. Over time, your films become brittle and deteriorate. Every moment you hesitate risks that much more damage.

Why use to Convert 8mm films to DVD?

We provide a low cost, no-hassle means of transferring your valuable Super 8 and 8mm films to DVD. While many companies simply transfer your films to DVD, our goal is to restore your films to their original quality, and enhance the overall viewing experience. There are no hidden fees like many of our competitors. Our customers are elated with their DVD, as you can read by viewing our customer testimonials. Our service includes a comprehensive package of features that is unmatched by our competition (See the convert 8mm film page for a side-by-side comparison between vs. our competitors 8mm transfers):

Many of our competitors simply transfer your 8mm films using out-of-date technology (1 or 2 in above comparison video), without additional enhancement. We use high definition film scanning technology (3 in above comparison video), and greatly improve the overall quality of the video by performing color correction with industrial standard video editing software.

Unlike our competitors, we hand pick the background music for your DVD. Many of our competitors do not include background music, or simply include the same background music on every DVD.

High Definition Super 8mm and 8mm to DVD Film Scanning Technology

Imagine seeing your grandmother’s face in crystal clear detail. is one of the first transfer companies in the nation to offer industrial quality HD 8mm to DVD film scanning technology in 1080p, 24 bit color. The results are truly astonishing as you can see in the sample video. In addition, the direct drive mechanism and LED light source of the transfer equipment does not damage the film. We enhance underexposed and overexposed film by simply adjusting the level of the light. Depending upon your preference, we transfer your films to DVD, Blu-Ray DVD, or HD digital files. If you would like to watch your video on your iPod/Smartphone/Apple TV or share your video with friends and family on YouTube or other social networking sites, we format your video into a MPEG-4 (H.264) file format. We retain your media for 30 days in case you want custom editing or further services. Please see the 8mm to DVD page for a more detailed description of our transfer process. Please see the Retroscan page for a more detailed description of our high definition film scanning technology.

Super 8mm and 8mm Custom Film Editing

We edit your film to your specifications and change the order of the chapters if you prefer. Custom editing can be requested at the time of your order, or within 30 days after you receive your Standard Film Transfer DVD. We offer Custom Editing either as a Value Package (3 hours of editing for $100) or at $40/hour. With the Value Package, we watch your video in real time, edit the rough transitions that are common in 8mm films, and color correct each part of your video (videos over 2 hours may require more editing time to perform this service).

Royalty Free Background Music

We include Royalty-free background music on all silent videos. Of course you can keep your home movies silent. We have a music library of over 4200 songs that includes a wide variety of music genres from Pop to Rock (all types), Easy-listening, Children's, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Country, Classical, Blues, Big Band, Ambient, Dramatic, and World Music. We customize the music according to your music preferences so it will establish an appropriate mood for the scenes in your video. Every video we make has a unique sound track because we hand pick your background music. If you don't specify a particular music type, we add upbeat and inspirational music from our music collection.

Transfer Process to Convert 8mm to DVD

What if I Want to Perform my Own Video Editing?

We can provide a file with uncompressed video (QuickTime format) on a Blu-ray DVD ($15 for ~23GB of video files) or your external hard drive ($5.00/video).

How do I know how much film I have?

Estimate the number of feet of film using the chart below. When you place your order, determine the number of reels and the size of each reel, and place your order based upon this information. We make an actual determination of the number of feet of film based up the length of the movie. We will provide a refund if you pay more than the actual footage.

Reel Size # Feet Time
3" 50 ~3.5 min.
4" 100 ~7 min.
5" 200 ~14 min.
6" 300 ~21 min.
7" 400 ~28 min.

Opening Menus

The Video below shows a comparison of a DVD Opening Menu from Family Videos on DVD and our competitors. We have developed over 325 menu themes for different occasions. We include images from your video within the opening menu.