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Custom Photo Book

Why make a Custom Photo Book?

Custom Photo Books provide a special memory for the most memorable moments in your life, such as family memories, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family reunions, religious events, vacations, your children's school events, and your children's sporting events. They provide a moving tribute to family members and friends at life milestone event.

Custom Photo Book Size

Our photo books occupy much less space than a traditional photo album and hold about the same number of photographs. Books can be up to 100 pages and are much more compact than photo albums, with dimensions of 11" X 8.5". These books are much easier to store than traditional photo albums.

Photographic Media Formats

We create Custom Photo Books from digital images, photographs, 35 mm slides and negatives. Photographs are scanned at 400 dpi, and slides/negatives are scanned at 2400 dpi. All images used for the book will be enhanced, cropped if necessary and color corrected prior to insertion.

Custom Photo Books

Custom Photo Books have a cover photo, title and up to 20 pages of photographs. Additional pages, 2 at a time, can be included for an additional cost. Each page typically has 1 to 4 photographs, but we can put up to 9 photographs on a page. We can also spread a photograph across 2 pages. We can include titles and text in the book if you want. We personalize your photo book to suit your needs. We typically organize your book into chapters based upon the content. If you would like specific photographs in specific chapters, we recommend you sort your photographs into labeled folders. If you would like your photographs in a specific order, then you would number them. If you're not sure how to organize the photographs into chapters, we will use our best judgement.

Reviewing your Custom Photo Book

Prior to printing, you get to review your Custom Photo Book and you will have the opportunity to make changes.