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Image Scanning and Restoration

Why Scan your images to digital format?

Over time, the quality of your images deteriorates. Our Scanning and Restoration services can often dramatically improve the quality of the photographs so that they are better than the original! Digital scanning enables you to preserve your valuable family photographs for your children and grandchildren and protects against loss. You can also easily send your images to family and friends. If your images are in slide format, you no longer need to find and set up your slide projector to enjoy your photographs. By converting to digital format, it's possible to color correct and enhance the original images.

Photographic Media Formats

We scan photographs, 35 mm slides, and negatives. We can also scan other formats, but please email us prior to sending the media to confirm.

Standard Scanning

Each image will be scanned at the requested resolution. During scanning, we utilize the appropriate combination of automated image correction tools and industry software. We send you the digital images on CD or DVD in jpeg very fine format.

Images to Photographs

If requested, we also provide photographs of your images scans. The cost will depend upon the size and number of photographs.

Image Scan Samples

The scanned images shown below were slides taken in the 60s. All images were enhanced and restored using our restoration methods.

Image Restoration

Photographs, negatives, and slides sustain damage due to age, scratches, dust, creases, and fading. They may have color balance issues that occurred at the time when the photographs were shot. With image restoration, we will optimize the quality of the image via industrial quality restoration software to correct color, and remove scratches, dust, and creases. The cost for this service is $30/hr. The number of pictures that can be restored/hr. will vary greatly depending upon the quality of the scanned image. Typically, we can restore 1-8 pictures/hr.

Image Restoration Samples

The images below provide a comparison between restored images and unrestored images.



unrestored restored
unrestored restored
unrestored restored