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Newest Technology Works on Oldest Films now provides 2K high definition 8mm/Super 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm, 17.5mm, 22mm, 28mm, & 35mm film transfers using the state-of-the-art Retroscan Universal 2K Mark I or Mark II CS Movie Scanners from Moviestuff, LLC. We are one of the few companies in the NY/NJ Metro area that has the capability of transferring every major film format from 8mm to 35mm. In 2013, we were one of the first transfer companies in the nation to acquire and offer transfers using the first generation Retro 8. Since that time, we have upgraded or replaced our Retro 8 units 5X to keep up with the latest advances in this technology. We are one of the 1st companies in the world to acquire the Retroscan Universal Mark II CS. Each upgrade provided significant improvements in the overall quality of the film transfers. When we received our first Retro 8 unit, we were anxious to test it on our family 8mm and Super 8mm films that were taken between 1955-1982. Wow, we were amazed by the clarity of the image! We were so impressed that we transferred all of our family films for the 3rd time (the first two transfers were done by a telecine reel time and a frame-by-frame methods). We highly recommend this technology for anyone who wants to preserve their valuable films.

The Retroscan Universal 2K Mark I and Mark II Movie Scanners are equipped with a 2K high definition camera that scan the film frame-by-frame in high definition full 24-bit color (8:8:8) using industry standard square pixel orientation at a resolution up to 2048 X 1536. The Mark II CS model adds the ability to scan 9.5mm, 17.5mm, 22mm, 28mm, and 35mm film. Both systems output the film to 2K high definition, high definition at 720p or 1080p, or standard definition at 480p. It is even possible to output every frame of the film to still image files! The software can be adjusted during capture to control the color and contrast, and it uses a complicated algorithm to output the capture to a Quicktime movie file. For overexposed film, we reduce the exposure setting to improve the image quality. We increase the exposure setting for underexposed, dark film. One of the best features of this unit is that it will not damage the film because it has a direct-drive take-up and rewind system with no sprockets, pinch rollers, or claws (that can damage the film). In the rare case of a film break, transfer will immediately cease to avoid further damage to the film. The unit also has a LED light that will not burn the film and can be adjusted to provide optimum capture of overexposed or underexposed film. Another very important feature is that this unit will not lose focus during capture, a common problem with other transfer methods. We are very excited to provide this new technology because it dramatically increases the quality of our service.

What makes film transfers unique is that we provide a full-scale production of your films, unlike most of our competitors. After transfer, we color correct your films to further improve the image quality. We view your film and add hand-picked background music to establish the appropriate mood for the occasion. Then, we insert an opening title, and chapter markers with titles. The DVD starts with a personalized opening menu with a slide show of images captured from your films, scene selection menus for easy navigation, and background music on all menus. We have designed over 450 different menu themes that are appropriate for different occasions and are constantly designing new menu themes. Depending upon your preference, films transferred with our high definition system are transferred to DVD, Blu-Ray DVD, or a high definition file. Every passing year degrades the quality of your makes it easy for you to relive and experience those precious memories whenever you want.

Photo Video Montage

Do you have a special event that you would like to remember - a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or life milestone? specializes in bringing your photographs, slides, negatives, and digital photos alive by creating a Photo Montage Video. We scan them to digital files, and then enhance and color correct them. Our goal is to restore them so that they are better than the original photograph. We add background music to the video to establish the appropriate mood. Read on to learn how a Photo Montage Video can become the highlight of your special family event.


We recently created a Photo Montage Video for a customer whose Dad was celebrating his 80th birthday. We scanned photographs from the past 80 years and organized them into specific themes (Growing Up, The Siblings, The Wedding, The Children, Sporting Events, The Grandchildren). The Dad's children selected background music for each of the themes of the video. They showed the DVD at their Dad's 80th birthday party. Shortly after the party, our customer told us their Dad was emotionally blown away by the video:


“The video left my Dad teary-eyed and speechless. There were many wet eyes come to think of it. It made the party memorable which is ironic since the video was about memories. You were a pleasure to work with, and I am impressed by how professional the end product was. I just watched again and I cannot thank you enough. The result was fabulous. It was a special family moment thanks to you!”


In another project, we converted photographs from a 1930s/40s family photo book into a Photo Montage Video. All of the photographs were badly faded, and the photo book was very brittle due to its age. Our customer had low expectations that we would be able to preserve the photos due to their condition. We scanned and enhanced the photographs, and converted them to a Photo Montage Video with Big Band and Jazz background music from that era. We showed the DVD to our customer. She was amazed and speechless that we were able to revive what she described as "dead photos" into a high quality product.


Whether your photos are old or new, don't keep them in a drawer where no one can view them. Don't wait until your photos fade. Let commemorate your special family memories by converting your photos into a Photo Montage Video.


Memories Fade, Digital Doesn't.