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So fun to watch. Thank you for everything.
M.I., Point Pleasant, NJ

Thank you. We are very happy with the quality of the video conversions.
J.G., Toms River, NJ

Hi Jeff! Wanted to send you a note and thank you for my family DVDs - they [8mm films] are amazing to watch bumped up to that quality and color. And thank you for putting in the extra DVDs that had printing errors - they are already on their way to cousins in MA. Really appreciate it. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing the next 2 batches!
D.C., Asbury Park, NJ

Oh my goodness Jeff, this is awesome! These pictures [8mm films] bring back so many memories. This is my paternal family. I have never seen these pictures, I have enjoyed each one over and over! I'm very thankful I found you and so appreciative of what you have done for my family!
C.A., Mount Holly, NJ

Family Videos on transferred roughly 5 hours of 8mm [Film], some of it dating back to the late 1930s.  The HD process used produced extraordinary resolution and they took the time to re-transfer footage that needed adjustments on exposure.  Having this footage forever preserved is a priceless gift to my immediate family and to future generations.  As a television executive producer/ director, I probably have higher expectations than most and I was incredibly happy with the results at a very reasonable cost.
S.N., Basking Ridge, NJ

We sent 3 seven-inch reels of super 8 film to Family Videos on DVD. We appreciated their communication as they checked in frequently, asking for our preferences concerning the DVD. It was obvious that thought and attention to detail was given to the music selections as appropriate seasonal music was used, even ocean sounding music in beach scenes, and different Christmas music for each Christmas celebration. We did provide chapter break titles that were produced and matched exactly as we hoped. A link was sent via email that enabled us to preview the DVD and make any suggestions...we didn't need to make any changes! We were very pleased with the final DVD and have recommended Family Videos on DVD to others.

T.W. & P.W, Cherry Hill, NJ

I would like to commend Family Videos on DVD and it’s owner on remaking some family videos I had done in the past. In no time, they pulled them out of the archives and had several new copies for me in perfect form. Thank you very much. R.M.P. Fords, NJ

I just wanted to let you know I received the DVDs and they are wonderful. You did an excellent job and I am sure my family will enjoy the DVD for years to come. Thank you so much for your efforts. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Thanks again for bringing back to life films that have not been viewed for almost 50 years. Have a wonderful Christmas.

J.F. Occoquan, VA

The videos did arrive yesterday as you said and when I opened the box and saw the picture you had put on the DVD that was converted from old 16mm film, I cried. The photos showed early pictures of my mother and brother, and they're pretty rare.  Thank you so much for getting that bit of film transferred, thanks for the very enjoyable introduction including old cars and great music, and thanks for adding the DVD cover picture that totally surprised me. Thanks for the great selection of music.  You got it right! Again, we appreciate your quick turnaround time.  All went well.

H.B., Silver Springs, MD

I'm so impressed [8mm film transfers]!!!!! I want to thank you for the remarkable job you did with the DVD's. Every aspect was wonderful! We just got finished watching all six (we forwarded through strictly scenic scenes) and I could not be more pleased. The music selections were spot on, too.

K.B., Columbia, MD

Hi! OMG!!  Love the DVD!! Especially the cover! Gave it to my husband for his

Birthday, and he loved it!!  I will highly recommend you!!

D.L., Cliffwood, NJ

YES, we all loved the dvd's!!! Thank you for bringing alive our VHS tapes! I loved the opening pictures and music! We started watching them on Christmas day and no one wanted to leave our house until all 7 DVD's were done, but they did any way! lol. I emailed my family your website, so they can use you too. Memories are so precious so it was great to be able to watch them again!

M.V., Broomall, PA

I was amazed how professional they were at Family Videos on They went beyond the call of duty; converting all of my super 8mm and 8mm to DVD. The music was perfect and the work was done in a timely manner. I will use this company in the near future. Thanks again, my parents are still talking about it. Take care.

A.B., Old Bridge, NJ

The video (Photo Montage) left my Dad teary-eyed and speechless. There were many wet eyes come to think of it. It made the party memorable which is ironic since the video was about memories. You were a pleasure to work with, and I am impressed by how professional the end product was. I just watched again and I cannot thank you enough. The result was fabulous. It was a special family moment thanks to you! Feel free to use me as a reference.

T.S., Cranford, NJ

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did moving our 8MM family films onto DVDs. It was obvious to me and my family that you spent quality time reviewing the films and matching background music to go along with the different scenes. You also did a terrific job putting the film into chronological order. I know that you had to deal with many splices and scenes that were out of place. You have provided us a valuable service that will allow my family to enjoy our memories for years to come. If I ever hear of anyone looking to convert films or tapes to DVD, I will absolutely recommend Family Videos On DVD!

T.M., Old Bridge, NJ

I was very skeptical about turning over my family's old 8MM videos for the reason of having them damaged or lost. I felt very comfortable from the first minute with Family Videos on DVD. I was immediately convinced that I was in the right place when I saw a sample of what my videos would like upon completion. When I received my disc and watched it the first time, I was very impressed. It was set up nicely and the finished product was very professional. Everything was done exactly as Family Videos on DVD had explained it would be done. I was proud to give copies to my family as Christmas gifts. I also think that the price was worth every penny for all that was included. Not only do I recommend, but I will also be using them myself again in the near future.

J.G., Surf City, NJ

Family Videos on was very personable and easy to work with. They were conscientious in transferring our old [8mm] film to DVD. They customized the DVD by adding titles and background music. All in all, they did a great job, and we are very happy with the product.

L.B., Old Bridge, NJ

My sisters and I had chose Family Videos and DVD to convert old slides for my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary. My parents had taken so many photos over the years so they had practically 1600 slides in total. We all could not be happier with the results! ALL of the photos look beautiful - as if we had taken them not to long ago. I was also thrilled with how quickly they were done considering how many slides there were. I certainly would recommend them to anyone looking to restore a piece of history! Thank you again for helping make my parents 50th so special!

M.C., Staten Island, NY

First i want to thank you for being so nice and so accommodating to me. You were like an angel that appeared that day. I did get that beautiful DVD to Bon Jovi! Also, I have told my family and friends about you, so I am sure you will get business from them. Thank you again and for coming to my workplace as well!

L.D., Morganville, NJ

Just want to send you a note that the DVDs came out great considering the age and condition of the 8mm [film] reels. It was a big hit at the Thanksgiving get together. Much appreciated the fast turn-around and high quality of your product. Have a great holiday season!

S.C., Old Bridge, NJ

We loved it [VHS to DVD conversion]. Also, the presentation at the beginning was very well done. We will contact you for future needs in this kind of technology. Thank you. Wish great success to you and the company. Enjoy the coming Spring time.

M.I., West New York, NJ

We are very pleased with the previous transfer project [VHS tape] you handled for us. It is and shall continue to be an important memory and a legacy of a wonderful life. It is a pleasure to recommend Family Videos on Thank you.

S.W., Ridgewood, NJ

Just wanted to let you know that we finally watched the DVD's for my daughter's birthday [VHS conversion] and you did a great job. It really came out nice.

L.G., Allentown, NJ

I can only say you did a outstanding job. I was really surprised that you could turn 40 year old 8mm film into a quality product. I was expecting a faded out mess. You also did a great job with the music. Thanks for all your hard work.

Dover, DE

We received the DVD's and the 8mm [film] reels. Thank-you, you did a super job especially considering the condition of some of those reels.

C.M., Oyster Bay, NY

We've watched a few of the videos and are extremely happy with the results. What a great job! I'll be sure to recommend you to any of my friends or family who want to get their older tapes [mini-DV to DVD] converted to DVD.

L.S., Chatham, NJ

Yes we love it! We are very pleased. You did an amazing job. Thank you so much for your services. I will definitely keep you in mind should we have any other needs or even referrals. Thanks again.

G.W., Old Bridge, NJ

The DVD is great [8mm film conversion]. Great picture quality, music integration, menus, everything... you did a great job. My sister was also very pleased with the DVD. If I know of anyone trying to convert any video stuff, I will send them your way!

F.J., Springfield, NJ

We finally looked at the DVD and are thrilled with it [8mm film conversion]. It's not that our pictures are great, it's that you've made them exciting by enhancing the color and adding the music and generally providing an easy, enjoyable way to relive some very old memories. The additional DVD will be sent on the star fisherman who undoubtedly will enjoy it as much as we did. Thank you so much for the quick turnaround time.

H.B. Silver Spring, MD

I can't tell you how pleased we are with the DVD's you created for us [8mm film conversion]. We watched both volumes yesterday thinking we'd start with 20 minutes and just see how they looked and what music you had chosen. There were so many bursts of laughter and tearful remembrances that we couldn't press STOP. After so many years we had forgotten many, many scenes. We watched till the end and were particularly impressed with your music selections. What an added pleasure. Again, thank you for returning everything so quickly. We'd certainly recommend your service to anyone interested.

G.B. Silver Spring, MD

I had sixty-year old 8mm film expertly put onto a DVD & USB drive. The mixing of music & video was done very well. I would use your service again & again..

W.C., South Amboy, NJ

Family Videos on are top notch. Not only are the most reasonably priced in the area, they’re fast (turnaround time), high quality, and have amazing customer service. Don’t hesitate in using their services today!!

S.T., Long Branch, NJ

I just wanted to let you know, the transfer looked great, and the whole family loved it. We premiered it after the birthday cake and over 25 people hovered around my laptop to see the footage that has not been viewed in over 3 decades. My Dad especially enjoyed it. Thanks so much for doing an excellent job on the transfer. We watched the Blu-ray version later that evening again on my parents 50 inch HDTV and it looked great. It was interesting how some of what seemed to be the oldest footage looked quite good — the youngest view of my father with curly hair with my great-grandmother. And also the scenes of 2 of my great-uncles working down at the old Fulton Fish Market in NYC.

Anyway, just wanted to say a quick thanks for getting it all done so well and so quickly and making my Dad's 80th birthday celebration even more memorable.

R.R., Middleton, NJ

We were very pleased with Family Videos on DVD, especially their personal handling and transferring of our 59 year old 8mm movie films into high quality DVDs. Their work ethnic is beyond reproach, producing a masterpiece to last through the ages. We were very pleased and gratified with our order for 5 additional copies and 3 separate special segments relating to world travel. Thanks so much.

R.P. and S.P., Fords, NJ

From the very first phone call, it was a pleasure dealing with Family Videos on DVD. They listened to my concerns and expectations about my very old 8mm films & were even willing to meet me in Manhattan because I did not want to mail them. The most important part of this testimonial is that they brought my family memories back to life. The quality of the movies was exceptional. I had some of the same film transferred by another company and was very disappointed – the movies had a blue hue. Family Videos on DVD redid the same films, and I could not believe the results. They were able to recover many missing (i.e. damaged) parts of the films. I could not believe that I was watching family movies from 60 years ago. They did an unbelievable job and at a very fair price! I am very pleased and very thankful because my family is no longer with me. So these movies are all I have, and they brought these memories back to me.

D.F., New Hyde Park, NY

Beautiful Job. I was able to see images that I have never seen before. Everything was clearer and more colorful. I am incredibly happy with the job that you did transforming my old 8mm films onto DVDs. I will recommend you to my family and friends. Thanks again.

R.E. Kendall Park, NJ

My VHS to DVD was a scary decision for me. Losing the original would be devastating. Family Videos did a wonderful job with more quality and bonuses than I ever expected. The time, price, and final product greatly exceeded my hopes. Thank you for everything.

C.C., Long Beach Island, NJ

The DVD [16mm Film to DVD] you made was absolutely STUNNING!!! I laughed, I cried, I got a little bored with my great grandparent's video of the road for five minutes (you know the part!), LOL. Seriously though, I've watched it 3 times already, shown it to various family members, and plan to keep re-watching it! This means more to me than you'll ever know and I'm so grateful to you. Thank you so much!!

A.D., South River, NJ

I have been extremely satisfied with the service and quality of the work. I had several reels of film (well over 60 years old) converted to DVD, and they looked like they were recently taken.

A.C., Jackson, NJ

Everything was terrific! Thank you so very much for such an incredible (Photo) montage! Everyone loved it! We couldn't be happier. I will definitely like on FB and write something as well. And of course recommend you to all of my friends & family. Again, thank you!

Best. J. & M.C., Marlboro, NJ

I submitted eight films (8mm) from 1940-1965 for transfer to DVD, admittedly with some apprehension. I had hired a national company for this service a few years ago and was very disappointed with the final product. Family Videos on DVD delivered an excellent DVD – the quality of the images had been carefully enhanced and several stills provided as well. I was thrilled to easily identify family members when I watched the DVD. Priceless memories that I thought were forever lost are now preserved for future generations. I wholeheartedly recommend Family Videos on DVD.

C.W. Dingman’s Ferry, PA

Service was very professional and the work of Family Videos on DVD enhanced the original film. During the process the cooperation and understanding of the value of these films to my family and I was superb. I recommend their services any time. Thanks for a wonderful job.

S.M, Aberdeen, NJ

Outstanding work [Tape to DVD]!! I can't say enough - I am recommending to brides and all events.

J.T., Matawan, NJ

Great experience. Family Videos on DVD was so accommodating and helpful with the whole process. Love my video montage!

S.R., Westfield, NJ

It was a pleasure doing business with Family Videos on DVD. Communication was good and timely. The final product was exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

E.R.G., Manalapan, NJ

Had family videos from 1950s-1960s on 8mm film converted to DVD and MP4. The quality was amazing, beyond what I thought was possible and the service was very professional. These types of videos are irreplaceable and I would not trust any other person or company with the task of converting them.

J.C., Highland Park, NJ

For the 3 years that we have been dealing with Family Videos on DVD, they have consistently provided high quality DVDs (converting from mini-DV cassettes & 8mm film) in a very prompt fashion. Cover photos, scene selections, & background music (on 8mm films), also well selected and appropriate.

R.B., Edison, NJ

I'm so pleased with the value and service received for converting my VHS tapes. It was great to surprise my husband on our anniversary with the digitized copy. I love the cover of the CD with screen grabs; I used one for my Christmas card!

L.M., Monroe Twp, NJ

Thank you Jeff!!! I am so thankful for the personal touch you gave to our family video. Watching this video was the highlight for everyone this Christmas!!!

T.H., Wildwood Crest, NJ

Very timely and expert service and professional DVD production.

W.H., Freehold, NJ

We were a little concerned about leaving our precious family videos to be converted to DVD. We were called within one week that DVD was finished and ready for us to pick up. Excellent service - great price. Appreciated the personal touch of having photos put on front of DVD label to show the highlights. Have recommended to friends and family already. Plan to have more videos converted soon.

G.M., Whiting, NJ

I brought over 100 tapes to Jeff. I thought it would take months and months and cost me a fortune, but it didn't and I received them relatively quickly. The DVDs were done professional even down to the labels on the DVDs with pictures and the dates. My kids are very excited about watching these movies during the holiday break. Thank you so much ~ you did a great job. I love them!!

L.G., Staten Island, NY

The process of having all of my old 8mm and VHS-c tapes put on DVD was surprisingly affordable and took much less time than I had expected. I am completely satisfied with how the DVDs came out. I especially like the fact that there are pictures on the discs themselves, so I can easily figure out what is on there. I had plenty of input into how I wanted them to be grouped and plenty of options for the look and layout of the DVDs themselves. I'm very happy with the final product. Dealing with Family Videos on DVD has been a positive experience all around.

J.G., Monroe, NJ

I highly recommend Jeff and Family Videos on DVD. The quality of Jeff's work and his attention to detail really stand out. After sharing the DVD with my family, they were amazed at how well these 40 year old reels of film transferred to DVD. They were surprised when I told them that I had nothing to do with the background music. It fit perfectly and demonstrated Jeff's attention to detail. My family is currently looking for any other reels of film we might have so that Jeff can work his magic. We couldn't be more pleased. Thanks Jeff and FamilyVideosOnDVD.

M.V., East Hampton, NJ

Excellent work converting slides from our Elk lodge many years ago and took time to put great music to the different events that were photographed...He did it under a time restraint and stepped up to the plate so we could view for our 50th Anniversary Gala...thanks Jeff from the East Brunswick Lodge.

D.P., East Brunswick, NJ

Converted all of our old 8mm family tapes to DVD for my parents' Christmas gift. Couldn't be happier how it turned out. Was originally worried about the condition they were in and if they were salvageable, but Jeff did a wonderful job! The little things like the scene selection and ordering the videos chronologically was a great touch. My parents even want to use Family Videos on DVD for their parents' old films. If you live in the area or don't mind a drive, don't bother with Walgreens or Walmart, go here!

D.J., Freehold, NJ

I used Family Videos to convert 8MM tapes to digital files and DVD. They did a great job, great price, great quality. I highly recommend them!

K.S., Freehold, NJ

Jeff has transferred many of our VCR tapes to DVDs, and converted our 8mm film to DVD. He did a great and professional job both times. He is reasonably priced and completes the jobs in a short time. He adds music, when appropriate, and pictures on the covers. We highly recommend his company.

L.M., Keyport, NJ

I wish I had better words than Thank you. What you do for families, preserving these precious memories caught on tape, it really is phenomenal and I think it's priceless. Luckily, for someone like me on a tight budget, you somehow you make these services reasonably priced and incredibly affordable. The customer service I received from start to finish was 100% kind, courteous, and attentive to what I wanted. Not only could I have the VHS tapes converted to DVD, but the option of backing them up digitally, providing me with the option to have mp4's on a thumb drive and I didn't even have to provide the thumb drive, well that was just great! I'm convinced that at least here in the North East, Family Videos on DVD is the best in the business.

R.L., Philadelphia, PA

Jeff did a great job converting my great grandparents film to DVD and giving me the opportunity to see what they were like on film!

T.C., Matawan, NJ

Job well done. My Family now has easy access to years of great memories, Thanks.

C.R., Jackson, NJ

Thank you so much for doing such a great job on our videos! They are priceless!

T.I., Old Bridge, NJ

Very happy with montage, so easy to work with and very satisfied.

J.Z., Morganville, NJ

The restoration and transfer to DVD gave my Mother great joy. PRICELESS!

G.M., Cream Ridge, NJ

Thank you for the great job. It was nice to relive all those memories again!

C.R., West Deptford, NJ

Family Videos on DVD delivered a fantastic VHS transfer in a personalized package. Responses to questions and updates on progress were timely and informative.

T.B., Brick, NJ

The company representative was professional and courteous. The services were provided by the deadline agreed upon. The work was done exactly as we requested. We were very happy and it gave our family great joy as we shared it.

A.W., Old Bridge, NJ

Jeff did an excellent job in converting our old movie reels to DVD's. It was very enjoyable to relive the past with the modern convenience of new technology. I highly recommend Family Videos.

M.B. Monmouth Junction, NJ

I recently had some 50-60 year old childhood 8mm movies digitized and converted to DVD's by Jeff at Family Videos on DVD. He did a great job for me at a very reasonable price. It included cleaning and some enhancement of the movie reels I supplied. Great communication throughout the process by Jeff, and I felt well taken care of. Highly recommend the service offered by FV on DVD!

T.B. Lincoln Park, NJ

Many of the reels I submitted for transfer were over 50 years old and the DVD came out great--clear and very few shots were grainy--it was restored and transferred beautifully. The selections of music to make a soundtrack were great, and I was so pleased with the final result. My family laughed and cried when we watched the video--it was so great to see all those memories from films some of which we had never seen before.

L. S., Freehold, NJ

Completely satisfied with the excellent film conversion of my kids growing up. I sent copies to them for Christmas and they were delighted.

R.F., Cape May, NJ

My sisters and I really enjoyed watching the videos. It was fun to see our family from years past.

C.F., Marlboro, NJ

Jeff provided custom, excellent quality DVDs in an amazing time for Christmas. He was able to clean old VHS tapes that had mold on them into legible beautiful DVDs. Being able to have our cherished memories saved on DVD is a gift like no other. My kids said it was the best gift ever! Your custom work and creativity is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Jeff and Family DVD to anyone looking to transfer their VHS tapes to DVD.

D.K., Spring Lakes, NJ

Very satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the conversion and completion. Thank you.

L.H., Somerset, NJ

Great job. I like the titles at the start of the folders.

L.H., Freehold, NJ

I was so happy to find a professional to handle our special 8mm tapes from the 60's and 70's. It was a treasure to be able to watch them again.

M.C., Marlboro, NJ

Thank you so much for the films. It was great to see my dad, mom and my mom's brothers enjoying vacation and the birthday party too.

G.G., Keyport, NJ

Haven't viewed all yet, about 1/2, but so far so good & wanted to reach out to let you know how pleased we are w/the results. From what I've viewed, to date, I'm not anticipating any troubles. Will try to view remainder w/in the next couple of weeks. Thanks, again & Happy New Year.

K.D., Manalapan, NJ

Thanks you. So happy to have our wedding video transferred to DVD + flash drive. Everything came out great. We will keep you in mind should we have any other needs & will highly recommend you.

A.E., Winfield Park, NJ

Jeff was friendly and provided great communication. He was very accommodating and worked on our project quickly! Our wedding video is now saved digitally and I am forever thankful! Definitely recommend!!

P.M., Delanco, NJ

A few years ago, Family Videos On DVD converted some Super 8 reels my dad took when we were kids. They did a wonderful job & they were easy to work with! I’m coming back with more to convert!

A.W., Hamilton, NJ

I'd been putting off this task for years, but Jeff made everything easy and the quality is tremendous! It has been a blast watching moments from 25 years ago come to life again- and I'm only halfway through my archives!

C.O., Old Bridge, NJ

Great job. Some tapes were 25-31 years old and damaged and the dvd came out great. Certainly would use this service again and highly recommend them.

D.M., Monroe, NJ

As a first time subscriber I was Highly Satisfied with my video conversions! I found them very professionally prepared and viewable. They were also nicely indexed and labeled on the disk surfaces. They were delivered in a nice carrying case as well. Turnaround time was very reasonable as well. I will definitely use this service again in the near future

A.B., South Amboy, NJ

Jeff does a great job & is respectful to your needs saving your precious memories. Other big company’s do not have the personal touch he has.

P.S., Old Bridge, NJ

Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your family! The films that you transferred for us are heartwarmingly wonderful! We are so moved by all the memories and can’t wait to share them with our family!

S.G., Manalapan, NJ

I had a tremendous amount of old film that had not been properly stored. Jeff did a great job cleaning and digitizing whatever could be salvaged, which turned out being most of it. He was great to work with. The final product was just beautiful. I shared it with my family on Christmas Day, and one cousin told me it was the highlight of his Christmas.

J.B., Edison, NJ

I came to Jeff as a FILMMAKER, with productions I made on Super 8mm film in the 1970s as a kid, with very specific instructions on adjusting gamma and exposure in the scanner to capture as much dynamic range between highlights and shadows as possible. Jeff was very accommodating to my wishes, e-mailing me with links to several different samples until I found the look I wanted. The resulting scans are beautiful!

M.K. Pompano Beach, FL