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HD 2K 16mm to DVD (Film)

Why Convert 16mm films to DVD?

Perhaps, you just found a long-lost 16mm wedding film of your grandparents, or a football game from high school. Who has a 16mm projector to watch these films? We have State-of-the Art 16mm film technology equipment to transfer your 16mm films to DVD. Many companies simply transfer your film directly to a DVD using Out-of-Date technology without post-transfer enhancement, resulting in a low quality product. Our Retroscan Universal 2K Movie Scanner produces amazing detail using frame-by-frame 2K high definition transfer technology with resolutions as high as 2048 X 1536 pixels. Unlike many of our competitors who simply transfer film to DVD, our goal is to restore your films to their original quality by performing post-transfer enhancement using professional video editing software. Please see our Testimonials and Facebook Reviews to learn about the experiences of our customers who have utilized our services. Please see the Retroscan page for a more detailed description of our high definition 2K film scanning technology.

Transfer Type & Cost

Reel Size

(No Background Music)

(With Background Music)

Sound Film

50 ft (3”)




100 ft (4”)




200 ft (5”)




300 ft (6”)




400 ft (7”)




*There is a minimum cost of $19.99 for any 16mm transfer project.

16mm Sound Film Transfers

For best image quality, we transfer the video on a Retroscan Universal 2K Movies Scanner and the audio on a RetroSync Studio Sound Module that facilitates synchronizing the audio with the video. We then check for synchronization between audio and video at various points within the video.

We provide a low cost, no-hassle means of transferring your valuable 16mm films to DVD. There are no hidden fees like many of our competitors. We offer a comprehensive package of features that are unmatched by our competition:

Our Typical Competitors Family Videos on DVD
Service Unable to personalize & customize service; films may be sent out of state to another company with a min. 3 wk. turnaround time Personalized service with the ability to customize your project to suit your needs; all work performed at our company in Old Bridge, NJ
Transfer Method to convert 16mm films Telecine real time transfer or standard definition frame-by-frame transfer 2K High definition frame-by-frame transfer using the State-of-the-Art Retroscan Universal 2K Movie Scanner
Post-Transfer Enhancement & Editing Not Included Color correction, color enhancement, & gap removal with professional video editing software to increase video quality
Background Music Not included or a prefabricated music track Handpicked appropriate background music from our 4200 song library
Opening Menu One generic menu or limited menu choices Choice of over 325 menu themes with a personalized slide show of images from your films
Scene Selection Menus Not included Chapter markers & titles at ~10 min. intervals
Menu background music Not included Included
Opening Title Not included Included
DVD Cover Title on DVD, but no personalized DVD cover or DVD case cover Title personalized with images from your video on the DVD & DVD Case

Over time, your films fade and become damaged. Don’t keep them in the closet any longer where no one can enjoy them. Don’t settle for companies that utilize out-of-date technology without all of the additional features that we provide free of charge. Call us today to convert your 16mm Films to DVD!