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Camcorder & VHS to DVD

Over time, the quality of the video and sound deteriorates. By transferring your camcorder tapes and VHS to DVD, you can easily share copies of the video with your family and friends. Every moment you hesitate risks that much more damage. Family Videos on DVD has helped families just like yours, and you can even read their testimonials here.

Cost/DVD (1 tape of 2hrs or less) Additional tapes on same DVD (cost/tape)
Standard Transfers $19.99 $5
Premium Transfers $29.99 $5

Standard Transfers

Our Standard Transfers includes a comprehensive package of features that is unmatched by our competition (For a side-by-side comparison between the features included with transfers vs. our competitors, see the transfers vhs to dvd page):

Note that Standard Transfers do not include removal of gaps, editing, or advanced color correction. If you would like these services, please request Premium Transfers. Please see the convert Vhs to DVD page for a more detail description of our transfer process.

Premium Transfers

Premium Transfers include all of the above features and 15 minutes of custom editing to search for unwanted gaps within the video and to improve the video quality by doing color correction and color enhancement. Your videos will fade over time, and color correction can restore them back to their original quality and possibly even make them better than the original!

Tapes to Hard Drive Transfers

We transfer your tapes to high quality QuickTime files on your external hard drive. This service is ideal if you wish to perform your own video editing or if you wish to preserve your tapes in a high quality format. The size of the QuickTime video file is 12-15 GB per hour of video. If requested, we can convert your video to other video formats (such as MP4, ProRes, or Windows Media Format). This service is available with or without DVD transfer.

Camcorder Video Conversions:

Standard Camcorder Transfer

We transfer your tape to a high quality digital format that can be edited professionally. Many of our competitors transfer your tape directly to DVD using a DVD recorder and also transfer bad sections on the tape to the DVD. We remove blank sections from the beginning and end of your tape. If you choose Premium Tape Transfers, we can also search for gaps within the video and perform color correction. We add an opening title, chapter markers (at ~10 min intervals) and provide a professionally authored DVD with up to 2 hrs of video. Each DVD will have an opening menu, scene selection menu(s), and a personalized cover. An opening menu with images captured from your video, and background music on all of your menus are available as a $8/DVD upgrade. If you would like to watch your video on your iPod/Smartphone/Apple TV or share your video with friends and family on YouTube or other social networking sites, we format your video into a MPEG-4 (H.264) file format. The cost for this service is $8/conversion.

Smartphone Videos and Photos to DVD & Digital Files

Our phones have become our primary camera for taking videos and photos of our family and friends. To avoid losing these memories, we can convert your smartphone videos to a DVD and/or a digital file, and your smartphone photos to a Photo Montage DVD and/or a digital file.

What if I Want to Perform my Own Video Editing?

We can provide a file with uncompressed video (QuickTime format) on a Blu-ray DVD ($20 for ~23GB of video files) or your external hard drive ($8.00/video)

Need to Preview Your VHS or VHS-c Tapes Prior to Transfer?

We have VCRs for rent if you would like to preview your tapes prior to transfer ($20/day).

Opening Menus

The Video below shows a comparison of a DVD Opening Menu from Family Videos on DVD and our competitors. We have developed over 325 menu themes for different occasions. We include images from your video within the opening menu.